The days of DMAA, DMBA and DMHA are behind us, slowly falling further and further into the rearview mirror of supplement history. You'll never be able to reinvent the wheel but as science has progressed, stimulant innovation and applied understanding has enabled the birth of something more!

Instead of trying to replicate the effects of the revolutionary DMAA like so many others have, 6LISS utilizes the latest and greatest in a synergistic fashion to create the ultimate experience of nootropic euphoria. 6LISS taps some of the most popular, highest quality trademarked stimulants available, making this a truly premium option. 

The various compounds interact in multistage fashion - First inducing complete euphoric focus and intensity, similar to the DMAA rush so many still crave. While this rush is typically short lived in most supplements, 6LISS has multiple sustaining properties that continue to kick up throughout the duration of your rush. Where most expect a crash, 6LISS continues to elevate hysteric performance.